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Thanks for checking in! As you can see on the 'MikeLammons' page this site, Barb and I have been featured in 5 best-sellers about the network marketing industry.  We are now  in the beginning stages of writing a book about our business and personal career. Many of you have played a big part in our business success after we started in the mlm industry and for that we offer you a heartfelt THANK YOU!

But none of you know about our prior life as traditional business employees and then business owners. After building a successful life insurance career in Texas -- becoming life and Qualifying Member of the Million Dollar Round Table -- we packed up and moved to California with our two small daughters, ages 4 and 2. Timing was perfect as California real estate still was affordable. We started buying all types of real estate -- houses, duplexes, 6 plexes, condos and eventually got into developing (minimart, vineyards, apartment and commercial complexes). These were bought for cash and at the peak we owned 28 different properties. Two health clubs and one minimart were all bought or built with cash, no loans and we had 55-60 employees from part to full-time. Our 2 daughters grew up working in our business and I'm sure they have their own stories!

My point with all this is: we understand first hand financial pressure! We began selling these properties and retired to live ' the American Dream'. For six months all was fun, riding motorcycles, Rving, but going stir-crazy. The girls by this time were grown and gone and I was driving Barb bonkers. That's when Barb found something for me to do: network marketing at my age (50), and this is where we met thousands of you over the next 25 years.

That first mlm was Excel Communications, and it was the first company to combine mlm with long distance telephone service -- back when people HAD long distance phone service, and mlm was new. Many of you have probably heard my story of calling the Excel idea 'stupid' and saying it 'wouldn't work'. Barb spent $600 to start our Excel biz and everyone I knew told me that such things were stupid and wouldn't work! However, to my great surprise, we made $100 our first month, and I was hooked. Because that $100 was ALL MINE: in all our previous businesses, we got paid last, if there was anything left each month. In Excel, nobody got paid out of my money except me, and that was just fine by me. No pressure, no headaches, just talking to people and having fun. Our very first network marketing experience and we both were enjoying it! Our 36th month saw our income that month exceed $124,000.00 -- more than we had ever dreamed of. And our success was thanks to the success of hundreds and thousands of others just like us: we got to know the magic of mlm - leverage. The phone industry was changing -- cell phones, internet, etc. -- and we became Excel's #2 income earners that month. #1 was over $1 million/month and that was also a milestone for the industry! (That company made the founder a billionaire and he is annually in Forbes' list of top US wealthiest.) We also learned about timing because the distance between #1 and #2 was thanks to a 3-year head start: so getting in early and sticking with it definitely pays off! If you have never earned over $100,000/month income residually, find a vehicle that will allow you to shoot for that goal!


The craziness of those huge income years with Excel and a couple of other companies saw us lavishing money on most anything that was tax deductible, whether we needed them or not: houses, cars, bikes, airplanes, real estate -- whatever could offset our taxes and enhance our lives. Then those companies ended for one reason or another and we again retired, sold the purchases, bought a 20 acre property and, wouldn't you know, the benefits of the mlm years wouldn't go away!

An mlm friend from Texas came out for a visit and I had discovered Paulownia trees after Barb found them ('fast growing shade trees) on the internet. The friend -- Rita Zarghami -- struck up a conversation at a fast food stop in Chowchilla, CA with a local retired almond farmer and the subject turned to Paulownias. (If you can imagine!) Turns out the farmer  had discovered Paulownias himself and was a wealth of Paulownia knowledge. Rita got his contact info and I had found myself a mentor. Paulownias are a wonderful project for the California central valley: they love heat, don't require much water, little fertilizer, and no chemicals. They are great for carbon sequestration, are called 'aluminum wood' for their light weight and super strength, and make great shade with gorgeous fragrant blooms in spring. I have now hand-planted 700+ and just finished a massive underground water system to plant 300 more trees. We are part of a handful of growers in the western US. worldsfastestgrowingtrees.us

As you can imagine, we get business opportunities run past us daily, which is one of the perks (and realities) of having a long history in the industry and with thousands of individuals.


Three years ago we were brought an idea of credit card processing and after talking with the Founder and CEO we decided to help him add an mlm component to his 15 year old, multi-billion dollar company. We were and still are the only mlm in this $6 Trillion -USA industry. For only $195 one time -- no other fees, autoship, or other charges -- you can become an Agent and build a comfy residual income. This founder was just nominated Entrepreneur of the Year 2017, by the way. A brief video leading to more info in case you are interested here: www.dwagent.com/lp1/?pin=lammons   Barb's blog is at DWPBlog.com


I have always been an entrepreneur at heart, a trait from my dad who understood the need for multiple streams of income in his brief life (he died at 47 from coronary heart disease). A few short weeks ago a friend introduced to us a credit card processing prospect. After talks with the founders regarding their processing needs they shared that they had also been in Excel and were successful; so much so that they could not leave the industry. Prior to founding their present company they had built a nutrition company from zero to $600 million annual sales and stock at $.05 to their cash out at $35/share. They found a much bigger opportunity in hemp oil and added a revolutionary CBD oil to their product base in October 2016. Google CBD oil for a quick education about the uses of this interesting plant oil.

We have unearthed testimonies and studies about its help to sufferers of autism, diabetes, Parkinson's, seizures and much more.

The main thing for us is that Barb has Parkinson's and she finds great relief with the hemp oil!

Massive growth is going on. This company did over $3 million in sales in March 2017 through word-of-mouth ordinary people, with NO major mlm'ers. All documents are said to be approved to go public in the latter part of 2017. You can stake your claim in this company for just $39.00 annually and buy any product they produce. This is THE ONLY COMPANY with a networking opportunity in this sector with a needed product that is available to all states.
Our affiliate website here is http://enrollpmb.com/tractor

We know that you only have 24 hours in the day, like us -- but we hope you understand the basics of business success:

Multi-streams of income

To your success! Mike